dashboard camera hd
  • dashboard camera hd

    Dashboard Camera with Advanced Hardware HH-500i

    • The black box offers high-quality two-channel camera resolutions: HD front camera (1280×720) and a rear HD camera (1,280×720).
    • High-performance, full-touch screen, with high-definition and wide-angle viewing on a 3.5" LCD panel
    • High-performance HD sensor
    • High-performance Cortex-A5 core, 800 MHz CPU
    • Supports an external GPS port
  • dashboard camera hd

    Smarter and More Convenient Software Performance

    • Audio guidance feature
    • The 3.5" LCD monitor displays front/rear views simultaneously in real time.
    • Alerts driver of formatting changes and videos that are saved while in parking mode
    • Recorded videos can be zoomed in for verification
    • Dedicated viewer system
    • PIP/zoom viewer feature
    • Google Maps on the viewer (GPS optional)
  • dashboard camera hd

    Safety Optimized Best Dashboard Camera

    • Offers a sequential file saving system that expands the life of an SD card
    • A more expensive super capacitor to maintain long life
    • Battery discharge protection feature
    • Automatic high-temperature protection feature in the summertime
  • dashboard camera hd

    Stylish Design

    • Designed for both cars and humans
    • LED security lighting applied
    • Ultra-compact WDR HD digital rear camera with LED lighting

The HH-500i black box boasts of excellent technology and the highest level of security. Dashboard Camera with Advanced Hardware HH-500i Blackbox

Front HD & Rear HD (1280X720)
2channel blackbox of
Ultra high resolution

The blackbox offers high-quality two-channel
camera resolutions: HD front camera (1280 × 720)
and a rear HD camera (1,280 × 720)

Front HD & Rear HD, 2ch. blackbox of Ultra high resolution

Front HD & Rear HD, 2ch. blackbox of Ultra high resolution

High-definition Touch Panel

Large 3.5-Inch LCD

Through this large 3.5-inch LCD touch function, a user can rapidly use various functions like video play, real-time video check, and camera setting.

  • High-performance Cortex-A5 core

    High-performance Cortex-A5 core
    800 MHz CPU

    The blackbox is equipped with a Cortex-A5 core CPU, which is designed for low power consumption to enable a high-efficiency, multitasking capacity, and is commonly used in tablets and smartphone devices.
    With such a powerful CPU, the black box saves videos in full HD for both the front and rear of a car while providing a comfortable environment in which a variety of features, including an LCD screen output, touch control, video recording, motion detection, etc., can be reliably operated.
  • Prevention of Power Down with Supercapacitors

    Prevention of Power
    Down with Supercapacitors

    A super capacitor, which is applied to our black box, ensures that the last video recorded is saved completely, even in case of sudden power outage.
    The super capacitor, a part that is more expensive than normal lithium ion or lithium polymer batteries, is more reliable and has a longer life.
  • Automatic Stop of Its Operation at High Temperature in Summer

    Automatic Stop of Its Operationat High Temperature in Summer

    Our black box detects high temperatures when, for example, the car is parked in direct sunlight for a long period, and automatically stops the operation of the product in order to protect it. Once the temperature drops to a normal range, the product restarts automatically. With our sophisticated product, there are no more concerns about the product becoming out of order due to high temperatures and never being able to return to its previous, normal working condition.
  • HD advanced image sensor

    HD advanced image sensor

    With the advanced CMOS image sensor manufactured by Pixelplus, this camera records videos in top quality.
  • The battery discharge protection feature prevents the discharging of the battery in the car

    The battery discharge protection feature prevents the discharging of the battery in the car

    Our black box provides a battery discharge protection feature even when the product is connected directly to the car battery in order to operate the car’s parking mode. Without using an extra power-off circuit, our black box measures battery power and automatically interrupts the power if it dips lower than the set voltage so that the battery’s power is not used. This will relieve a user’s concerns with respect to possible battery discharge.
  • External GPS port

    External GPS port

    When an external GPS is connected, the location and speed of a vehicle can be recorded aside from video.
    Recorded video can be checked via the dedicated viewer. Vehicle location and speed can be displayed in the Google Maps of the viewer. (External GPS module is not included.)

Smarter and More Convenient Software Performance Safety Optimized Dashboard Camera

Voice Guidance

Our black box offers audio guidance according to its operation, allowing a user to easily recognize the current status of the product without having to take any further actions.

A total of 14 main actions, including the initiation of the parking mode, cessation of the constant recording feature, restarting of the system, powering off of the system, etc., are guided by the audio guidance feature.

  • No Operation contents Voice guidance


    After rebooting and completing the menu Recording will begin


    When entering the menu Recording stopped.


    When starting the parking mode Parking mode recording will begin.


    When completing a constant recording Constant recording will begin.


    When switching from the parking mode to the driving mode Videos have been recorded in parking mode.
    (only applicable when a video has been recorded)


    When an SD card is missing Please insert an SD card.


    When an SD card generates an error Please check the SD card.


    When formatting an SD card SD card formatting will begin.


    If a rear camera is not working properly An error has been detected on the rear camera.


    When a GPS is connected A GPS has been connected.


    When switching to the playback mode Recording will stop


    When stopping recording and turning off the system as it reaches an outside temperature of 80C (inside temperature of 100C) or higher To protect the system, the system will shut down due to high internal temperature.


    When restarting the system The system will restart.


    When turning off the system The system is being turned off.

  • Recording File Alarm in Parking Mode

    Recording File Alarm
    in Parking Mode

    When a driver starts the ignition of a car, this camera notifies the frequency of events or motions in parking mode. A driver can check an accident that may be carelessly skipped through this function.
  • Zoom, Enlarging an Important Scene

    Zoom, Enlarging an
    Important Scene

    This camera introduces the zoom function that expands an important scene when playing a recorded video. This function can be conveniently used when an accident happens. A scene can be enlarged up to five times after its play temporarily stops.


Simple and intuitive GUI

From the beginning of this product development, a user interface that maximizes the user convenience is one of our priorities. For the minimum touches when moving to a menu, this camera arranges each menu for user convenience.

Original Viewer for

User Convenience

- Videos are displayed for each video type (driving/event/motion).
- Front and rear view videos can be played together in one player.
- If the GPS option is built, a user can check the car location on a map.
- A user can check the speed and brightness of the recorded video play.
- As the G sensor is synchronized with and saved in a video when the video is recorded,
a user can check the situation at the time of the video. (This function is optional if a GPS is installed.)
- Zoom function that enlarges a scene after playing a recorded video temporarily stops
- Various product setting and upgrade

• Names of individual parts

Names of individual parts

• Basic Components

Basic Components

• Specification

Item Specification Remarks
Model HH-500i
Size / weight 105(W)mm x 36(D)mm x 71(H)mm / 118g
Display pannel 3.5inch touch LCD (480x320)
SD card capacity SD CARD (8GB ~32GB)  
Recording mode Normal recording mode : Normal mode + Event mode
Parking recording mode : Front/Rear motion detect + Event mode
Image sensor Front camera : Pixelplus HD CMOS sensor
Rear camera : Pixelplus HD CMOS sensor
Angle of view Front camera : The opposite angle 130˚ / Horizontal angle 110˚ / Vertical angle 60˚
Rear camera : The opposite angle 130˚ / Horizontal angle 110˚ / Vertical angle 60˚
Recording resolution Front : HD (1280x720) / Rear : HD (1280x720)
Recording frame Front : Max. 30fps(HD) / Rear : Max. 30fps(HD)
Video compression H. 264 / PCM
Acceleration sensor Support for a 3-axis acceleration sensor
GPS Support for an external GPS port (option)
Input power Support for 12V ~ 24V
Power consumption Max.4.8W
Operating temperature -10℃ ~ +60℃ / -20℃ ~ +70℃
High-temperature blocking embedded
Backup battery Super cap (5,4V/3.5F) embedded
SD card format function Support

* The specifications and features are subject to change without prior notice to improve product performance