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T&F global Tech was founded in 2009, and starting from the development of GPS and Radar Detector for vehicle

in the Japanese market, the professional manpower was acquired on the vehicle device, and in the present,

T&F global is leading the Korean market in the development of Black Box for vehicles

‘Customer satisfation’ is the key value to T&F global, and based on the long know-how in the development field, we have increased the reliability and stability on the products. With the motto of value creation through customer satisfaction, all members of T&F global are putting utmost efforts to provide the best quality and service to the


Also, based on the technology that led the growth of T&F global, LET\'S VIEW brand is launched to preoccupy not only the domestic market, but also the overseas market as well.

In accordance to the rapid global development of the Smart Car industry, T&F global will continue the research and investment on developing vehicle device to grow as the ‘company trusted by the customers worldwide’.

We would like constant support and interest in our products, and T&F global will continue to develop as a

company of high-quality products and service.

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